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Wicklow ScreenDance Laboratory (WSL) is the only screendance festival in the East of the country, and one of just two film festivals in Ireland that focus exclusively on dance, choreography and film. Its programmes are experimental, ‘learning-by-doing’ arts-based, with added components – an in-depth established-artist conversation, a day-long symposium, and screenings showing Irish and International works and dance performance.




Screen Dance is a vibrant, hybrid medium, bringing together Choreography/Dance and short film making. It creates an experience of dance/choreography that is entirely new by affording the expansion of the choreographer's craft through dedicated time in the dance studio as well as the visual means to transcend the studio and in some cases even the body itself. This art form includes a wide variety of cinematic styles which vary from visual abstraction through to strict narrative

Wicklow ScreenDance Laboratory creates opportunities for artists, audiences and thinkers to gather and celebrate the body in motion with visual and kinaesthetic experiences: on stage and on screen; and to see works at an early stage of development, along with more complete pieces.  


This gathering is for you, the audience: to participate in, find joy in human expression, and meet with dancers and film makers in your own county.

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