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Outline for WSL 2021


WSL 2021 will run for 10 days from Monday, March 29th to Saturday, April 3rd, and will comprise four separate but linked threads:


WSL: Kino explores the art of dance on film. Training workshops will focus on basic film-making skills like shooting and editing as well as more advanced techniques designed to better capture the body in motion, while a public event will showcase the work of established and emerging film/dance artists.

WSL: Move is a programme of dance training workshops and live performance. For 2021 - 2023, WSL will focus on Martha Graham - classes will be built around her pioneering technique and the show that concludes WSL will feature work influenced by her as well as some of her signature choreography. It will also include cross-disciplinary workshops with industry professionals from film and dance to combine these two elements.

WSL: Forum is a series of public-facing events offering both formal and informal platforms for dance discussion, as well as screenings and live performance - this takes place during festival weekends.

WSL: Live is the culmination of the entire festival, featuring live performances of dance repertoire, finished pieces and works in progress.

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