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The art of dance on film is one that is uniquely suited to a generation who are proficient with technology and who ‘see’ the world in many respects through a lens.  What is more, there are many free Apps that can be used easily on phones or laptops that allow participants to create from the comfort of their own home, on their own device. ​

Learning by doing
Learning by doing

Learning by doing Workshop 2018


Adrienne Brown has long had an interest in the development of dance art in Ireland, and, along with her team, is keen to give platform to presentation, discussion and dissemination of dance in ways other than traditional forms.  For example, in the search for narrative, structural organisation, and movement, the value of abstraction and new visual elements that the camera and location can provide expand dance vocabulary and output; thus adding to the development of dance and film. The festival is forging a place within the artistic and cultural life of Wicklow, as a place to see high-quality dance and film. It sees also an opportunity to develop discourse around dance topics that often are not part of the conversation - filling a gap between knowledge and ideas outside of a formal educational setting. This is creating a community of artists and public in many parts of the festival, including the long-established informal Artists Salon - a popular event where the audience gets to genuinely engage with artists and their work. 


Klinkerdin Experimental Arts Salon, already established as a presence in Bray (associated with Common Ground Bray), d grown an audience for performance and visual arts evenings. Klinkerdin has been involved with WSL as co-hosts of the Artists Salon evenings.


Adrienne Brown in conversation with Emma Fitzgerald at the Artists Salon 2018



Our final day of each festival ends with international guest artists and academics; featured artists from Ireland who excel in both performance dance and film making; dance performances and screenings that included early attempt or ‘Scratch’ works.  Indeed, a unique point of value for this festival is that it bridges ‘early’ film or choreographic work, with established artists. 


Róisín Whelan WSL 2019

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